Vince Cirelli
Vice President of Production | VFX Supervisor

"Didier proved to be a valuable member of our lighting team. He learned our pipeline very quickly and was producing beautiful work within the same week he was hired. He has a great eye, and a technical understanding of the tools. In addition, Didier is extremely easy to work with and interested in achieving highest quality result possible. I would gladly recommend Didier for any senior level position"

Thomas Dadras
Motion Pictures and Film Consultant and Professional

Didier Levy is no doubt one of the best CG artists that I have ever worked with. I supervised him directly as the Co-Visual Effects Supervisor on the film "Wanted" for which we created hundreds of visual effects shots at Hammerhead Productions.
Didier is an excellent senior-level artist who was able to take on any artistic and/or technical challenge that we could throw at him. He is able to turn things around very quickly, and handle multiple complicated shots at the same time.
He knows when to ask for creative input, and then he runs with it from there.
I strongly recommend for anyone to hire him, although I know that this probably means he will be too busy the next time that I want to hire him myself.

Oliver Arnold
CG Supervisor at Luma Pictures
​"Didier was hired as Senior Lighter/Comper.. He learned the pipeline fast and worked reliably & independently.  He performed well on both the technical and aesthetical levels. He is also pleasant to work with."

Didier Levy

(310) 739-5358
​Based in Los Angeles

Sam Edwards
Compositing Supervisor and Inferno Artist

"Didier is an excellent lighter with a great eye. He's very thoughtful about his work and gets his shots done quickly. He's very responsive to requests and is always willing to go the extra mile."

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Justin Jones
Lead Compositor at Hammerhead Productions

"Didier is a great colleague to work with, he is always coming up with creative ideas and new ways to solve problems. I could definitely depend on him to create elements that would drop into the composites easily. He is easy going and a joy to work with. I hope to work with him again in the future."